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Sucess Comes From Unexpected Places. Don’t Miss It!

by Dec 21, 2021Blog, Faith Driven

Success often comes in unexpected forms and from unexpected places.

The Savior of the World came, not marked by royalty, wealth, or “success” by typical standards, but as an unassuming baby, born in a forgotten town, of a family marked by poverty and scandal.

Read the rest of the story of His Life and Death and you might be tempted to call it a “Giant Failure.”

Yet upon further reflection, it turns out that such “failures” wrought the fulfillment of a different purpose – the satisfaction of pure cosmic justice and thus, the reconciliation of a bunch of insurrectionists to their loving and morally perfect Creator. Not to mention illuminating a picture of the Perfect Exemplar whose life template, when followed by us, brings heaven to earth.

Sometimes in pursuing our versions of “success”, we completely miss the boat and fail in the things that are truly important. Likewise, when we fail at what we hold in high esteem, there is often a good work that is been wrought in our own souls, and if we can accept it, a poignant (and often painful) lesson:

Success often comes in unexpected forms and from unexpected places; adversity and failure are fertile ground for new life.

As you ponder these things, I wish you and your family a truly meaningful Christmas marked by redemptive failure and real success.

– Onward and upward!

Coach Kevin

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