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Faith Driven Entrepreneur Session 6 – Ministry in Word

by Sep 6, 2021Business, Entrepreneurship, Faith Driven


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In the last session, J.D. talked to us about identity, responsibility, and rest. All of these things must be given over to the Lord if we’re going to have any type of success at work.

In this session, we’ll find out what it looks like to lead well out of weakness when we encounter failure.


This session focused on our need to be dependent on God because we’re helpless without him in both our spiritual life and our work life. How have you seen God’s work in your personal life have an effect on your work life?

As J.D. reminded us, we are saved by grace through faith, not by our own works. Salvation is a gift from God. How does knowing that salvation is a gift affect your attitude toward work and success? In what ways could you apply this truth to the success you strive for at work?

Having a posture of humility as we depend on God is not just related to our salvation. It should also influence the way we approach everything in life—our jobs included. What has it looked like for you to walk with Christ in your workplace?

Explore the Principles Further

In the beginning of the session, we heard how the patriarch Jacob had a ruthless attitude in order to get what he wanted. It wasn’t until a particular failure that he realized he needed God to carry his burdens. In what ways have you had an attitude like Jacob—relying on yourself to carry all of your responsibilities instead of relying on God?

Jacob was left with a physical reminder that he needed God to progress in life. What are some things that are present in your life that serve as reminders to trust in God? What are some areas you might be handling in your own strength?

J.D. listed a few Bible characters who experienced immense failure before the Lord blessed them in big ways. He summed up his point by quoting A.W. Tozer: “Before God can use a man greatly, he usually has to hurt him very deeply.” In what ways have you found this statement to be true? How can experiencing failure help us in the long run?

When has failure made you better in your work? How has failing at certain ventures helped you rely more on the Lord?

As we learned in this session, Jacob spent much of his life trying to get things done in his own power, but once God wrestled with him, he saw that God was really the one in control. As an entrepreneur, business owner, or creator, what has it looked like for you to surrender control of your life to Jesus? How have you been dependent on God in the workplace?

This week, how could you make an effort to surrender control over to God in a particular area of your life?

Apply What You’ve Learned

Memorize: Memorize Ephesians 2:8–9, “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Write it Down: Take a moment to list some failures you’ve experienced and how they caused you to be more (or less) reliant on GodThink through some practical ways you could begin to depend on God fully and what it might look like to share some of those with those around you. What could it look like to plan for ways to “lead with a limp”? in those s of failure.

Pray: This week, pray and thank God for his sovereign control. Ask him to help you let go of any burden you’ve been holding on to and become more dependent on him when it feels hard.

Act Differently: Take some time this week to share a few failures with other entrepreneurs and business owners you know. Consider incorporating this kind of conversation into your normal routine.

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