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Faith Driven Entrepreneur Session 5 – Faithful vs. Willful

by Sep 6, 2021Business, Entrepreneurship, Faith Driven



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In the previous session, we learned that it’s important to do our work as unto the Lord with excellence. God wants us to steward our skills to the best of our ability, creating with excellence because he is excellent.

In this session, J.D. tackles the importance of identity.


J.D. reminded us that God has called us to be faithful first to him, not to success in our jobs. In what ways could being faithful to our work rather than God influence what we believe about our identity? Where should our identity be?

What do you think about identity and what would you say yours is? (Is it a fledgling entrepreneur, a leader that just closed a funding round or a series of big deals, an innovator in your industry? Or is it as a beloved child of God?)

J.D. talked about God’s view of failure and quoted Jesus in Matthew 16:26 saying, “What good is it to gain the world, but lose your soul?” In what ways are you maintaining a level of balance between being successful and being spiritually mature and consistent?

As entrepreneurs, we can be tempted to feel as if we have to do everything because everything relies on us. But J.D. reminded us in this session that unless God is doing it with us, our efforts are in vain. When have you been tempted to carry the burden of your workload alone? How did you allow God to step in?

J.D. said, “It is ultimately not your responsibility to guarantee the safety of the city. It’s not even your responsibility to make the crops flourish. It is your responsibility to be faithful and to faithfully fulfill the roles he’s given you.” What could it look like for you to live out this principle? What unnecessary responsibilities could you be burdening yourself with?

What is your motivation as an entrepreneur? (Is it for growth and scale? Is it for financial gain and all that it can afford?) Describe a time when the motivation for your work came from gratitude and the desire to bring your entrepreneurial gifts to the altar as a meaningful form of worship.

Explore the Principles Further

Later in the session, J.D. asked us to write out all our roles. Take a moment to think of all the roles you currently serve in and how you normally prioritize them. What roles has God called you to? What kind of reprioritizing could you do to ensure that God is coming first in these roles?

What aspects of the entrepreneurial journey have been most difficult to set aside for the sake of your family or other responsibilities? How have you dealt with the balance of spiritual life, home life, and work in the past?

What kind of habits do you practice in order to balance your work, home, and spiritual life?

God has required rest and sabbath for our lives. In our world today, overworking is put on a pedestal, but God thinks otherwise. What was your initial reaction to the statistics about rest? If you’re honest, how much do you prioritize rest in your life?

What are some ways that a lack of rest can have a consistent impact on all areas of our lives?

How could you incorporate more rest into your normal routine this week?

Apply What You’ve Learned

Memorize: This week, memorize Mark 8:36–37, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? For what can a man give in return for his soul?”

Write it Down: Write down three ways you could be allowing your work to define who you are. Then, come up with a plan to replace those thoughts with the truth—your identity in Christ.

Pray: Pray and ask God to reveal if work has been an idol. Ask him to help you keep your identity in him instead of the success of your job.

Act Differently: Go to your closest friends or a group of fellow business owners and share with them the ways in which you struggle with identity. Ask them to check in with you to see how you are doing and where your true identity lies.

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