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Faith Driven Entrepreneur Session 3 – Don’t Worship Work

by Sep 6, 2021Business, Entrepreneurship, Faith Driven

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In session two, we learned about the importance of understanding our role as stewards in our work. As Christian entrepreneurs, we must remember that God owns everything we have access to and that he calls us to use our talents to steward his creation well. In this session, J.D. talks about how to be content with what we have and the importance of never making work an idol.


J.D. gave a list of grim statistics concerning entrepreneurs and what they are likely to experience more than others due to their work—they’re twice as likely to suffer from depression, six times as likely to suffer from ADHD, and three times more likely to suffer from substance abuse. What do you believe are some of the reasons behind those statistics? In what ways have you dealt with any of the issues that J.D. mentioned?

Dealing with the risks of entrepreneurship can be hard sometimes. But since success isn’t guaranteed in this life, all we can do is take wise risks and try to live a balanced life. What could taking a healthy or wise risk look like for you? What does it look like to approach difficult entrepreneurial decisions knowing that success isn’t guaranteed?

J.D. talked about the reasons King Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon’s wealth of knowledge allowed him to see the world differently. After hearing about King Solomon’s perspective, how would you summarize his four principles?

The book of Ecclesiastes shows us that no matter who we are, we’re subject to the same ebb and flow of unfortunate events like everyone else. What are some ways that you can remain faithful to God in the midst of business troubles?

Explore the Principles Further

Pleasure Will Disappoint Us

Solomon had everything he could have ever wanted. But in the end, it all felt empty because pleasure isn’t permanent. How have you been disappointed by a certain pleasure? What are some ways that Christians in business can strive for success without pleasure being the ultimate goal?

J.D. reminded us that the apostle Paul said godliness with contentment is great gain. In what ways has contentment been beneficial to you and your work life? As an entrepreneur, what are some ways you can work hard toward your goals while keeping a content heart?

Business Wisdom Can Let You Down

J.D. summed up this principle by saying, “Sometimes you’ll do everything right and someone less qualified than you succeeds, or someone stabs you in the back that you didn’t see coming.” As a Christian, how do you typically respond when you feel cheated out of an opportunity for success? What could it look like for Christians in business to respond graciously when things don’t work in their favor?

Worldly Justice Eventually Lets You Down

Faulty justice systems can make life feel meaningless. How have you seen good actions go unrewarded in your entrepreneurship journey? In what ways can keeping your eyes on Jesus help with the stress of this particular principle?

The Fruit of Our Labor Crumbles

We have a natural tendency to want to hold on to what we’ve created. Having to give away something we’ve spent so much time building can be hard for anyone. If you’ve built a business from the ground up, how would you feel if it were given to someone else to run in the future? In what ways could “letting go” of what you started reveal pride?

J.D. ended the session by saying, “Be excellent at your work, but don’t turn your work into a god. Don’t serve your work, but use your work to serve God.” What are some practical steps you can take to ensure that your work doesn’t become an idol? What could serving God through excellent work look like for you in this season?

Apply What You’ve Learned

Memorize: This week, memorize 1 Timothy 6:6–8. “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”

Write it Down: Take a moment to reflect on the things that make your work satisfying and write down why you’re thankful for them in this season.

Interact: As you reflect on the statistics J.D. gave about the mental and emotional toll many entrepreneurs face, interact with fellow employees or business partners this week and ask about their mental health. Commit to pray for each other.

Act Differently: Work on being more vocal with your family, friends, and co-workers about the struggles you face as an entrepreneur. Ask them to pray for you and keep you accountable when you feel discontent.

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