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Faith Driven Entrepreneur Session 7 – Ministry in Deed

by Sep 6, 2021Business, Entrepreneurship, Faith Driven


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In session six, J.D. talked to us about the importance of depending on God in every area of life and how to handle failures when they come. These failures are not meant to stop us, but rather to remind us to depend on God in order to truly thrive.

In this session, J.D. talks about the significance of ministry in deed and how remembering to serve others leads to living a meaningful life.


J.D. said, “You’re going to be working from acceptance and not toward acceptance, and that’s going to free you to experience a new motivation in your work—and that motivation is love.” What typically motivates you to work hard and create more? In what ways can accepting your identity in Christ change your motivation to serve others?

We all have personal goals when it comes to what we do for a living, whether it’s making enough money to pay the bills or moving up the corporate ladder. But as we’ve learned, work is not just about us—it’s about giving excellent effort that reflects the love we have for others. What does it look like for your motivation at work to be to love others? What does it look like for you to love your partners, vendors, customers, and employees in a way that is different and better than others in your industry?

As Christian entrepreneurs, we strive not only to build something great with our talents, but to also love our neighbors as ourselves. In what ways does the business you’re involved in serve your neighbors?

As J.D. pointed out, when we try to prove ourselves through our work, it’s all about us. But when we find our identity in Christ, we work out of love for others to benefit them. How could a misplaced identity have an impact on spreading the love of Jesus through our work?

Explore the Principles Further

In this session, J.D. focused on the fact that our business as a Christian entrepreneur or creative is not just about ourselves and our families—our business is an act of love toward our neighbors. Therefore we should work with integrity and excellence, providing quality work.

Loving Your Customers

Think about the type of customers you have based on your business. Think about their needs and why they’re buying from you. What could you do with your product or customer service that could serve your customers?

What are some practical steps you could make to improve your product or service so that it further reflects your heart for your customers?

Loving Your Employees

Your employees are the heartbeat of the business. They work hard and spend most of their time in the workplace. What could it look like for you to put extra focus on the culture of your business? What could it mean for you to ensure your employees are cared for holistically, not just as a worker?

What legacy do you want to leave behind for your employees? What kind of business should exist years after you’ve passed on?

Loving Your Investors

Your investors are just as interested in your success as you are because they want a return on their investment. How does knowing other people believe in your business help you to remain dedicated to quality work? What are some practical ways you can keep yourself accountable to working hard for the sake of your investors?

Apply What You’ve Learned

Memorize: Memorize the statement J.D. made in the middle of the session and say it daily: “Who am I trying to love when I do my business well? And how can the way I do things bless them even more?”

Write it Down: Write down a few ways you could lead with love. What are some ways you can ensure that the people around you feel loved through your work and decisions?

Interact: This month, take the time to interact with a few employees, business partners, or customers that you normally wouldn’t engage with. Try to get to know them better, understand who they are as people, and what is important to them. Show genuine interest knowing that each person has a story. Endeavor to know their story and, when asked, to share yours.

Consider Chaplaincy: Almost all sports teams in America have a chaplain. That comes as a surprise for many, but it shouldn’t. Owners of organizations that are all about getting the best out of human talent know that they need to provide for career advancement, financial needs, healthcare AND spiritual well-being. You saw that in the video story with Corporate Chaplains of America. Consider reaching out to them, Marketplace Chaplains or RightNow Media @ Work as a tool to help your team be better at home and better at work.

Act Differently: Try your best to work from a place of acceptance this week. Consider your motivations when making decisions and try to let love for others be part of your priorities.

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