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Sales & marketing coaching for business owners and revenue leaders

“Now we have better processes, the right people in the right seats, and consistent revenue.”
Karen May – Momentum Health Centers

revenue Hitting a Plateau?

What Got Your Here

Small business owners are often skilled practitioners of their trade, but not sales or marketing people.

It’s one thing to achieve a certain level of success by selling “naturally” or through word of mouth.

won’t get you there

But in order to scale your revenue practice beyond yourself, you’ll have to do things you never done before.

It’s time to innovate.

Is it time to innovate your revenue strategy?

Start with a Small Business Revenue Assessment and Review Call.

How we help you innovate

Identify Market Opportunities

Through Market Mapping, SWOT Analysis, Voice of the Customer research, Customer Journey Mapping and more, Kevin will help you identify your greatest opportunities for new revenue.

This may include acquiring new customers, expanding with existing customers, entering new markets and/or channels, etc.


Make a Revenue Plan

With new opportunities uncovered, a new set of sales and marketing goals, strategies, and activities for a specific period of time are prescribed.

Resources like budgets, time, personnel, and bandwidth are taken into account.


Craft Compelling Messaging

Messaging that engages and converts is core to any sales and marketing efforts.

Kevin will guide your company through a step-by-step process of crafting a compelling message using the StoryBrand Message Map aligned with your revenue plan.

Proliferate your messaging to your website, landing pages, campaigns, internal communication, and more.

Hubspot Deal Forecast

Execute, Track & Refine

Through regular coaching calls, we will guide you or your sales and marketing team to execute on your Revenue Plan.

This may include designing campaigns, websites, landing pages, writing emails, identifying and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and refining efforts to improve results over time.

We can also help you staff your sales and marketing team and mature your revenue practice.

Leverage Processes, Systems & Automation

Clearly charting out revenue processes and utilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation (MA) systems to their fullest extent makes the work of generating revenue more managable, repeatable, and automated.

We can help you implement Hubspot, our go-to growth platform, or squeeze more value out of your existing tech stack.

Hubspot Deal Pipeline

Don’t continue to do the same things, expecting different results.

Start with a Small Business Revenue Assessment and Review Call

The process proven to get you closer to your dreams

Free Marketing Assessment

Revenue Assessment & Review

First, take the Small Business Revenue Assessment to identify your strengths, gaps, and best opportunities for improvement.

Then, schedule a Review Call to discuss your results, connect personally, and further understand your goals.

Then we’ll cover Kevin Kru’s background, do a deeper dive into his proven process, and discuss engagement options.


Free Marketing Assessment

90-day execution cycle

Kevin Kru will meet regularly with you for 90 days as your Revenue Coach and/or Consultant, focusing on improving the specific areas uncovered in the initial assessment and discovery. This may include:

  • Conducting market / voice of customer research
  • Innovating your Core Messaging
  • Building funnels and campaigns
  • Installing / optimizing your CRM or MA platforms
  • Building / equipping your revenue team
Free Marketing Assessment

Re-Assess & Survey

After 90 days, you will complete the Small Business Revenue Assessment again to help measure your objective progress and identify areas that may still need attention.

You will also complete a survey to review the working relationship. If working together continues to serve you, Kevin will jumip into another 90-day cycle based on the greatest opportunities for growth.

    Don’t go it alone. Get the systems, accountability and camaraderie you need to acheive your dreams.

    Start with a Small Business Revenue Assessment and Review Call

    Kevin Kru

    Start revenue coaching here


    Get a score that will baseline you against an ideal.

    Identify your strengths, gaps, and best opportunities for improvement.



    We start with you. We’ll dig into your Assessment results, understand your goals, and identify obstacles you need to overcome.

    We’ll also cover my background, discuss engagement options, and pricing.