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Be expertly guided through a tried and true process to craft the most compelling story for your brand, product, or service.


Telling your story clearly is critical to pitching investors, building your team, and finding product market fit.


You’ve had some early success but your message isn’t as effective as it used to be and it’s time for a refresh.


You’ve added products or grown through acquisition and now your story feels cobbled together, diluted or muddy.
Story is Foundation
Your story is the foundation of your marketing – on it, everything rests.

Without intentional positioning and clear messaging, all the investment in the world won’t grow your business.

Getting tuned out?

Buyers are exposed to 10,000 brand messages per day. That’s a lot.
With so much NOISE, how can brands possibly expect to reach them without breaking the bank?
No matter how many new methodologies emerge, it turns out the answer has been around for a long time.
Think about the movies that keep us on the edge of our seats, or the books we just can’t put down. Storytellers are onto something.
Regardless of industry, market or offering, successful brands know …

… the best story wins.

Craft your brand, product, or service story in an interactive, one-day workshop.

Walk away with the content and words for your website, videos, collateral, email, and slide decks so your audience will notice your message and take action.


On-site or over Zoom Meeting.


Your KEY stakeholders including executives, marketing, and sales personnel.


We start by scheduling two, 3-hour sessions and determine the need for additional time as we go.


Pricing based on your organization.


Workshop Agenda and Key Deliverables
CHAPTER ONE: Introduction to Story
Learn the brain science behind the power of story and how to apply it to your corporate messaging. Understand the messaging framework that will guide us through the remainder of the workshop.
CHAPTER TWO: Brand Script Message Mapping
Through a guided flow, use the Story Message Map to create your brand, product, or service script. Flesh out the basic structure and content used in creating your elevator pitch, one-liner statements and the rest of your marketing collateral.
CHAPTER THREE: One-Liner Exercise

Together we will create a short-form messaging statement or “one-liner” that will grab your audience’s attention, explain how you solve their problem, and cast a vision of their reward. This statement is your controlling narrative and can be easily memorized by you and your staff so you make a consistent brand, product, or service impression.

CHAPTER FOUR: Homepage Wireframe & Design

Now that you have a controlling idea, we’ll turn our attention to your website homepage to transform the layout and messaging to make sure it follows best practices for clarity and conversion.

Let’s Go!

Step One

Talk with Kevin over Zoom to discuss your needs.

Step Two

You and your team are expertly guided through the Core Messaging Workshop

Step Three

Use your new messaging to break through the noise and increase conversions and revenue

Don’t let confusing messaging keep you from engaging your customers and achieving your revenue goals.

Let’s discuss your workshop and craft your story so you can break through the noise and grow your business.