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Ecommerce Conversion Rates Across Industries (And How to Raise Yours)

by Dec 6, 2019Marketing, Website

Take a look at this HubSpot article on Ecommerce Conversion Rates:

Ecommerce is the ultimate optimization puzzle — from individual product pages to filtering mechanisms to your checkout sequence, every choice you make has the potential to have a massive impact on the sale of a given product.

But when you’re making changes all over your site, how can you know that, overall, those changes are adding up to customer and revenue growth?

Ecommerce conversion rate is the ultimate top-line metric for online store owners looking to understand if the changes they’re making to their site are positively or negatively impacting the number of visitors who eventually become customers.

Here, let’s explore what ecommerce conversion rates are, why they matter, and how to raise yours.

For example, if you had 1,000 visitors to your online shop yesterday and 30 of them made purchases, you’d calculate your ecommerce CVR by taking the total number of people who completed checkout (30) and divide that by the total number of site visitors in the same time frame (1,000). In this case, your ecommerce CVR would be 30/1000 = 0.03 = 3%.

One complicating factor is the fact that many ecommerce retailers today are selling across multiple platforms. Even if you aren’t using a tool that aggregates your product page or site visits and conversions in one place, you can leverage a tracking spreadsheet to keep a pulse on your ecommerce across platforms over time.

We’ve put together a free ecommerce conversion rate tracker that you can download here along with an ecommerce marketing and sales plan template in our Ecommerce Planning Kit.

Why is your ecommerce conversion rate important?

Your ecommerce conversion rate is crucial to the success of your online shop. You could bring in 50,000 views per month to your website through ads, but if the user experience on your website is poor, your ads are misleading, or your product descriptions aren’t effectively communicating the value of your products, you might only end up with a small percentage of that traffic converting into customers.

Since an ecommerce site can be expensive to maintain and complicated to organize, you need to check routinely that your online presence is driving a significant amount of customers and sales for your business.

Ecommerce CVR is also a useful metric to track over time to see how the improvements that you’re making to your website, product categorizations, product descriptions, checkout process, or any number of other aspects of your online store are actually impacting your business’s bottom line.

What’s a good ecommerce conversion rate?

It’s not worthwhile to compare your ecommerce CVR to an overall benchmark that aggregates CVRs across industries. Frankly, CVRs vary wildly across ecommerce, and if you’re going to compare your own site’s conversion rate to anyone else’s, you should try to find common conversion rates for your category.

If you’ve done a cost-benefit analysis and proven that you make more money than you spend by selling your products online, you’re at a good starting point. From there, we advise focusing your time on optimizing your site beyond where it currently stands.

If you have one category of items with an excellent conversion rate, you can also aim to bring all categories up to that standard. With that approach, you can at least count on the fact that the CVR benchmark is reflective of your specific target persona, not anyone else’s.

If you’re starting from scratch, here are industry-specific benchmarks backed by recent research that we’ve compiled from a variety of sources.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Benchmarks By Industry

The numbers below come from IRP Commerce, which constantly collects data from across many industries, and ShippyPro. The numbers have been most recently updated in September 2019.

Agriculture: 0.62% – 1.41%

Arts and Crafts: 3.84% – 4.01%

Baby and Child: 0.71% – 0.87%

Cars and Motorcycling: 1.35% – 1.36%

Electrical and Commercial Equipment: 2.49% – 2.70%

Fashion, Clothing, and Accessories: 1.01% – 1.41%

Food and Drink: 0.90% – 1.00%

Health and Wellbeing: 1.87% – 2.02%

Home Accessories and Giftware: 1.46% – 1.55%

Kitchen and Home Appliances: 1.61% – 1.72%

Pet Care: 2.51% – 2.53%

Sports and Recreation: 1.18%


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