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Kevin Kru

ACHIeVE YOUR DREams. enjoy the journey.

Business owner coaching and consulting for breakthrough results.

“Now I am confident that my project will get done and have the impact I’d once only dreamed of.”
– Adam L.

What got you here, won’t get you there.

Achieving your dreams was never going to be easy, yet it’s all too common for small business owners and leadership teams to start out with gusto, only to end up feeling stuck, burned out, and alone.


You’re heading for disappointment when:

You don’t have a clear plan to achieve your vision and goals

Your schedule is controlling you and there’s never enough time

You don’t have a read on the metrics the drive your performance

Your health or your family is suffering with no real end in sight

You don’t have a regular accountability or “fresh air” in your system

How healthy are you in your business?

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What coaching creates In your life

Improved time management and scheduling margin

Increased clarity on your vision, goals, and plan

Greater camaraderie and less loneliness

Increased performance and goal attainment

Greater visibility into your business drivers and blindspots

Improved problem solving and follow-through

Reduced stress and greater work satisfaction

Improved family life and sense of purpose

Don’t put up with the same results for another moment.

Start with a free, initial assessment and review.

The process proven to get you closer to your dreams

Free Marketing Assessment

initial Assessment & Review

We start with YOU. We’ll dig into your Baseline Assessment, define your Mountaintop Moment, and identify obstacles you need to overcome.

Then we’ll cover my background, do a deeper dive into my proven process, and discuss fees.


Free Marketing Assessment

90-day execution cycle

Meeting weekly or alternating weeks including:

  • Scorecard review
  • Goals review
  • Tasks review
  • Overcoming obstacles
    Free Marketing Assessment

    Assess & Survey

    • Review overall performance
    • Take a new assessment to see how far you’ve come
    • Celebrate your wins together
    • Set goals and plan for the next 90-day execution cycle

      Don’t go it alone. Get the systems, accountability and camaraderie you need to acheive your dreams

      Start with a free, initial assessment and review.

      Kevin Kru

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      Get a score that will baseline you against an ideal.

      Identify your strengths, gaps, and best opportunities for improvement.