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Jesus1st Professional Peer Group

A community of Christian professionals helping one another put Jesus first at work

Kingdom Competency

Business Mastery

Real Community

going it alone?

You want to put Jesus first in your business because you want to hear him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” But let’s face it …

… we’ve all got our issues.

Issues with the market, with people, with operations, with vision, with legal and compliance, with time management and burnout.

Our most pressing issue?

How we navigate an increasingly hostile cultural landscape, not as haters, but as sojourners and exiles, citizens of Heaven, God’s ambassadors to a world that is lost without Jesus

How we deal with these issues marks our legacy as Christian leaders and stewards of all that God has entrusted to us – no easy task.

But He has not left us without help; he has given us His Spirit, and one another.


We were never intended to go it alone.

Jesus1st professional peer groups

Make a greater impact for Christ through your business

Kingdom Competency

Biblical content and discussion focused on growing in our understanding and maturing in our faithfulness to King Jesus and his purposes for our businesses.

Business Mastery

Installing, maturing, and mastering proven frameworks, systems, and models to increase operational excellence and professional acumen.

Real Community

Far beyond lip service into real encouragement, transparency, and accountability for the things God has called us to. 

Peer Groups meet together every month for at least one year to help each other solve business problems with eyes fixed on Jesus.
Group members meet with Coach Kevin one-on-one, stepping out from working in the business, to intentionally work on the business.
Access the wisdom and resources of the growing community of other Jesus1st Peer Groups.

In partnership with

Peer Group Members Report:

Feeling more supported in their struggles

Clearer in their decision making

Better resourced for their challenges

More focused on Christ in their work

Local groups forming in boise, id

Beginning fall, 2022

How to Join

step one

Apply to join

step two

We will assess mutual fit together

step three

Get matched with a group of like-minded peers

God has made us stewards of our businesses in order to glorify him; each of us will stand before him one day to give an account for what he has put into our hands.

Don’t squander it.

Join a tight-knit community of business owners who are committed to helping one another hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 

Kevin Krusiewicz - The Kevin Kru Coach

Coach Kevin Kru

Founder & Facilitator
Graduating with from Biola University with degree in Bible, Kevin began his career as a pastor in full-time vocational ministry. But the Lord had other plans and Kevin eventually found himself working for tech and software companies around the globe, first as a employee, then as a consultant in high demand.

Decades later, Kevin brings together the heart of a pastor and the experience of a consultant as he coaches small business leaders toward greater performance and purpose.

“The beat of my heart is helping Christians run their business in a way that puts Jesus at the very center of it all.”


What is the financial investment?
What is the time commitment?

Peer group: 4 hours, once per month.

Additional time to work on the business varies.

How many members per group?
Peer groups consist of 5-6 members; sometimes up to 12.
Will I be in a group with competitors in my industry?
No. Members benefit from exclusivity within their group when it comes to providers in the same industry and market.